Welcome to the new look of Women Reshaping Lives! If you have visited before, you can see that my website has been redesigned. It now offers more information in what I hope you will find is a clearer, more user friendly format.

What a journey it has been! It is MY latest story of transition. I have learned so much more that I ever imagined.

Now you may be shaking your head and thinking, “How much of a transition could changing a website be? It’s not divorce, job loss, retirement or aging! What’s the big deal?”

The big deal was the process of intense self examination that it took to get to this point. It was the letting go of my first efforts and feeling the loss of what I had grown used to.

Most of all, it was the challenge of defining and re-defining who I have been, who I am now and who I am reaching to be, in my commitment to and passion for helping women in transition.

All the elements that are part of a life change were there, the roller coaster ride of highs and lows, the promise and the fear. This transition was PERSONAL and a REFLECTION of my traveling a new path.

Think about any of your own transition journeys, past or present. Whether it was a transition suddenly thrust upon you without warning, one that you did see coming or one that you initiated, the steps are strikingly similar.

Was there a sense of overwhelm, fear and resistance? Small, medium or large, transitions can send us into an emotional tail spin!

The process of defining and re-defining ourselves is key in ALL life changes. “Who am I now as newly widowed, divorced, retired or unemployed? Can I even allow myself to imagine moving on? What must I let go of and how will I grieve m loss?”

Almost 3 years since creating Women Reshaping Lives, I have grown in my vision and experience. It was time for me to reflect this in the form of my new website.

Gathering our support systems around us in times of change is essential. I looked especially to web designer Richard Barrett-Bates. His talent, listening, vision and guidance were invaluable. Thank you Richard!

The richness and fullness of our lives is passage, movement and growth. There will be more additions and changes to my website in the months to come. They will all be dedicated to bringing you more information, support and resources surrounding the process of transition.