I’m not sure when I noticed, but ever since, I have marveled at the difference it has made in how I view things. One morning I was enjoying my cup of coffee and taking in the view of trees in my backyard. As the morning sun shifted, the visual perspective of the two trees I was focused on changed. First the two trees looked almost as if they were side by side.

Then, magically, one tree was bathed in the sunlight and the other was taking a back seat in the shade. TWO VERY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES.

Ever since that moment of discovery, my morning ritual includes seeing what new perspectives of those trees I can discover. How can a shifting view and different perspective influence how we travel through and deal with the transitions of our lives? Are there valuable lessons to be learned from adjusting our focus and perspective to gain new insights and sense of direction?

Being adrift in the fog

Are you currently feeling lost in the midst of a life transition, not knowing what direction to go in, or where to turn? If you are not searching now, you may well remember such transitions in your past. I certainly do! Past, present or future, our lives are a series of transitions, moving from one place to another, trying to find our way.

WHERE AM I GOING? The path is not very clear. I stumble over the rocks and branches. I am feeling very lost.

Where Am I Going? The path is not very clear. I stumble over the rocks and branches. I am feeling very lost.

Along with feeling lost, I felt lonely and frightened. The harder I would try to find my way the more lost I would become. In addition, I would be frustrated and discouraged. I would feel like I was wandering aimlessly in the woods, not knowing where to go.

Finding a clearer path and sense of direction – With persistence, determination, doing my best to take care of myself, and with loving, non-judgemental support I was able to get back on track. YOU CAN TOO!

The Long and Winding Road

Ahh.. I can finally SEE the path! What a relief! But it looks long and far. Will I have the strength, fortitude and persistence to stay on this road?

With some clearing, the path can be seen, even if it appears awfully long and winding. Over time, the path can seem shorter and more direct. I have come to see this changing perspective as a continuing journey. I feel comforted knowing that my view can change. I can have faith that I will indeed find my way.

The trees are lined up along the way, almost as if they are cheering me on. I am feeling the triumph and certainty of finally finding my way.