In each and every time of transition that I have experienced thus far in my life, I have approached it with an all encompassing focus that didn’t allow for much of anything else. Perhaps I was reasoning that if I thought of nothing else but my transition, then I would find my answers easier and sooner. I wouldn’t have to wait and work so hard at trying to find answers and comfort in my new state of being. What wishful thinking…

Of course the more I ruminated and railed about not knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, the less clarity I had about my transition. When I was trying to figure out what retirement would look like for me and what I wanted to do next, I spent a lot of time ruminating and railing…all to no avail. Then the most incredible thing happened!

I took a little time out from trying to force the answers. Instead I spent some time meditating, some time being with friends and just some time for fun. Yes, fun! An amazing thing happened! Within the course of just a couple of weeks, opportunities and answers to my transition began to come to me!

With the coming of summer, our thoughts turn to vacation, spending time away from work and our usual routines, especially taking some time off from everyday worries. Why not take a little vacation, a breather, from trying to figure out the answers of your transition? Take a walk, go to the beach, plant your garden. Lift yourself out of trying to figure out your life as a divorced person, someone searching for a new career or entering a new stage of life.

Don’t worry – a time-out is not intended to be a denial of or procrastination in working on finding your new direction. This time-out is intended to give you the break that you need in order to gather your inner resources together and continue doing the work of transition. Treat yourself to enjoying the sights, smells and feel of summer.

Take a deep breath and feel energized! Enjoy this season of warmth and bounty. Who knows, while you are growing your vegetables, you may also be growing your way through and into your next stage of life!