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Top Ten Gifts

  Everywhere I look right now I see messages about gift giving. Every day my in-box is overloaded with all the best things to buy. It is so difficult not to succumb to the allure of all these ads and bargains. Thankfully, rather than whipping out my charge card... it got me thinking about the priceless gifts we give to others and ourselves throughout the year. Long after these gifts have been unwrapped, they keep giving all year long. They don't break, wear out, or [...]

December 19th, 2015|Knowing Yourself, Times of Transition|0 Comments

Finding Gratitude When You Don’t Feel Grateful

We have come to the season of Thanksgiving and Celebration. The messages of good cheer and gratitude are everywhere. For those who are going through major life transitions and feeling sad, lost and overwhelmed, connecting to gratitude may seem out of reach. Just recently I was introduced to a reading by Joyce Rupp from her book, "The Circle of Life", by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wierderhehr. "A Closer Look at Thanksgiving" invites all of us to look beneath the surface to find gifts of gratitude [...]

November 20th, 2015|Gratitude, Times of Transition|0 Comments

Retirement and Aging

As I look out my window this morning, I am struck by the sight of a blanket of leaves covering the ground. The foliage still on the trees is a brilliant array of oranges, yellows and reds. I feel the chill in the air and know that it is time to pack away my summer clothes and prepare for winter. I have been very aware lately that my body and spirit are in a state of resistance. I do not want to let go of [...]

Work – Life Balance…?

  Throughout my working life I have struggled to find that elusive work-life balance. You may have waged battle with it too...trying to find time for work, play, family, and self-care in a well planned, healthy combination of meeting your needs and those of everyone around you, both at work and at home. Does just reading this have you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious? How is it possible to fit it all in? The pressure we feel around and inside ourselves to do it all, [...]

Kindergarten All Over Again

He took my hand. I could feel his eager and anxious anticipation. We started out together on that walk to school. It was the first day of KINDERGARTEN! Where had the time gone? No longer my baby or toddler, my little boy was growing up. I was anxious, just like my son. How would this first day be for him? I yearned for it to be just right. How I wanted to protect him from any and all of those school time hurts. Emotions of [...]

Susan Levine interview on The Simsbury Woman: Counseling

In this interview on The Simsbury Woman with Barbara O'Connor ("The Simsbury Woman: Counseling—Susan Levine interview"), I discuss why life transitions affect women differently at various stages of our lives.  We talk about how gender roles, stereotypes and our own expectations affect our approach to transitions. I offer some ideas of how to best navigate these transitions and make life change a journey of promise and growth. What transitions have affected you the most? Join the discussion by adding your thoughts to the discussion below.  

August 13th, 2015|News, Updates|0 Comments

The Four Seasons of Work-Life Balance

With summer coming to its conclusion and the beginning of fall right around the corner, I connected very personally with this article about looking at our life rhythms through the lens of natures' seasons. I have been in pursuit of my work-life balance dream for quite some time. My search has at times been frustrating and overwhelming. It has been through my retirement from the full time work of over thirty years and the creation of my counseling practice Women Reshaping Lives, that I have begun to [...]

August 13th, 2015|Knowing Yourself, Times of Transition|0 Comments

The 5 Stages of Grief in Divorce

Jane was frozen and numb in disbelief. She had been married for 37 years. Now, she was not... Divorce was unfathomable! Marriage was forever.  At 65, Jane is suddenly single. How can it be? Mary is feeling angry and bitter. Her husband cheated on her. She never saw it coming. "I don't deserve this! After all I put into our marriage he betrayed me! I can never trust him again!" Carla is now struggling trying to raise her daughters as a single mom. Family dinners are awkward and [...]

July 21st, 2015|Times of Transition|1 Comment

Making Space for Change in Job Loss or Divorce

It's time for some changes in my home these days. That doesn't sound so awful does it? Replacing worn out furniture or things that have outlived their usefulness is something we all need to do from time to time. I look forward to that fresh new look and uncluttered space. But... I am finding it hard to let go, even though I know it is time. The chaos and disorder has been disorienting and stressful. Anxiety and second thoughts over decisions of what to keep [...]

Facing Our Fear

Do you live in a state of fear? Perhaps you are worried about retirement, aging, losing your job or getting a divorce. You may find your heart pounding, hands sweating and your mind racing with multiple "what ifs". When we are in the grip of anticipating the unknown, our vision is blurred and we can be consumed by our worst fears. A great deal of fear is a result of just "not knowing". We do not know whether we can deal with it. The sooner [...]