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Summer Rains of Change

  Summertime rains are a very curious and changeable event. The sky can be threatening and dark or sunny and bright when the rain starts to fall. One can try a hand at predicting where and when the showers may appear by looking up and gauging what the sky is portending. Our life storms and changes can be much like these summer rains, sun showers, thunder storms or sprinkles. Change comes in many forms. It can be turbulent, mild, predictable or sudden. Transitions can be big, small [...]

July 18th, 2017|Knowing Yourself, Times of Transition|0 Comments

The Certainty of Uncertainty

Every stage of our life has places of uncertainty, times we get caught in the worry, anxiety and stress of trying to anticipate when our sky will fall. We go to great lengths to prepare for these surprises of illness, accident, aging and loss. Whether we are anticipating something big or small, building an emotional fortress to keep it out can become an all-consuming pursuit. What is really lost in these fruitless efforts to secure a guarantee of safety is the ability to enjoy the [...]

Should I or Shouldn’t I? Struggling With Self-Doubt

There it was... just what I was looking for. I took it off the rack and tried it on. It felt comfortable and cozy...BUT...SHOULD I OR SHOULDN'T I? As I stood looking in the mirror, waves of self-doubt washed over me. Was the color too red? Did it really look okay? Could I really be that bold? I looked around, quite desperate for the approval of someone. Any stranger would do. I needed someone to tell me it was okay. I needed someone to validate [...]

The Uneasiness of Change

There are defining moments in the journey of life transition. It is arriving at the place of committing to decision...the decision to retire, to divorce, to change careers, to move. This list could go on and on as our lives are filled with changes both big and small. It is that moment of standing at the crossroad of choosing to take the leap, or stay with what is familiar, that causes our uneasiness... This month I am remembering my own leap into forming Women [...]

Lessons In Saying NO

Do you struggle with saying NO when you are asked to do something that you know is not wise or healthy for you to commit to? Perhaps you feel caught off guard by the request and feel the need to respond immediately. Do you get tangled up in your self doubting questions when in the midst of the decision making process? Maybe your internal conversation goes like this: “ I know I can’t fit one more thing into my life right now…But..." " How can [...]

Mirror, Mirror…Who Do You See?

This time of year can be quite hectic, stressful and overwhelming. Our activity level may be in overdrive, leaving us vulnerable to colds, flu and viruses. I can always tell when I am in a run down state and possibly coming down with something simply by looking in the mirror. When I see an image of my fatigue reflected back at me through the dullness in my eyes, I know something's up.   What We See First What else might we notice with an honest look [...]

New Beginnings Revisited

Dear Readers, In this season of gratitude I am taking a look back at my very first blog, published in 2012. How could four years have gone by so quickly? My post, "New Beginnings", introduced me and my fledgling counseling practice, Women Reshaping Lives, to a handful of people...mostly family members I had corralled to visit my website and read my blog. Today the Women Reshaping Lives website and blog reaches many more readers! I feel blessed with your readership, your comments and all that [...]

November 20th, 2016|Gratitude, Times of Transition|0 Comments

Getting Lost In Transition

Knowing how directionally challenged I am, I have come to expect that it is likely I might get lost when trying to find a new place, even with my trusty Garmin...With each new outing. I rely on knowing that my tenacity will get me where I want to go, even if there are a few wrong turns or detours along the way.   The answers we come up with are likely to depend on our sense of faith, tenacity and resilience. This inner knowing and [...]

October 18th, 2016|Times of Transition|0 Comments

Journey From Darkness To Light

  Are you feeling lost in a sea of change that feels overwhelming and hopeless? You may be struggling through the pain of divorce, the loss of a loved one or the fears and anxieties of retirement. Imagining being able to laugh instead of cry, or feel joy instead of anger, may feel completely out of reach in your depth of grief, loss and letting go. Hearing from friends, family or professionals that you can work through these feelings and find that new path to [...]

September 13th, 2016|Times of Transition|0 Comments

The Odd Time of New Empty Nest

I am feeling some reluctance and melancholy lately, knowing that with only a few more weeks of August, summertime will be gone. Can you feel it too? While the sun, heat and humidity continues, signs of this approaching transition is all around us. Being at the beach is not as carefree anymore, as thoughts, concerns and worries about leaving summer, and moving into a long To Do List for Fall, rummages around in my head. Summer may not be gone yet, but Autumn is itching [...]

August 18th, 2016|Times of Transition|0 Comments