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Yearly Archives: 2020


Dreaming At Any Age

Have you closed yourself off from dreams of learning, adventure or travel for fear that it was not doable? Maybe you questioned and doubted until you just closed yourself off to the idea by telling yourself "I can't do that." Making your dream a reality doesn't happen with the wave of a magic wand! More likely it happens with the planting of a seed and then nurturing it and bringing it into being one, small step at a time. My own dream started out that [...]

March 10th, 2020|Knowing Yourself, Times of Transition|0 Comments

Lesson In Self-Compassion

It can happen when you least expect it...Your day starts out in a sunny and positive way and then...Circumstances and frustrations beyond your control challenge your good mood. Before you know it, a dark cloud descends, anger bubbles up. Not only are you mad at the unfairness of what has occurred, you are also beating yourself up for not being able to fix or control what is not in your power. Beating up on ourselves can happen over just about anything...from making a wrong turn, [...]

Empowered Women’s Circle

Be Energized and Inspired! Many women today yearn to live a more joyful, authentic life...a life more in alignment with their unique gifts and highest ideals. Yet no matter how much they desire change, they’re so busy holding everything together and taking care of others that they resign themselves to watching their own dreams slip away. Others are too afraid of failure to reach beyond the familiar. Access your courage to break free, gain self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness with these valuable interactive mini-retreats. Now available [...]

January 20th, 2020|Events, News|0 Comments


I bought myself a gift recently. The minute I saw it, I was drawn to it. This purchase was not made out of whim or indulgence. It was made out of a deep personal connection and need. Ever since reading Michelle Obama's autobiography, "Becoming", I have been attracted to the idea that we all have the human capacity to reach beyond ourselves, opening up possibilities of learning, growing and doing in ways we never imagined. The gift I gave myself? A "Becoming Journal" to explore [...]