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Yearly Archives: 2013


A Present To Unwrap

A Gift For You A simple box with a big red bow sat on the dresser. I wondered what was in it and who it was for, but for the longest time I was just too shy to ask. Final curiousity got the better of me. Hesitantly, I posed the question. My friend took down the box and gently opened it. Inside, nestled on a bed of crinkled pink tissue paper was a small note. It read: " The most precious of gifts is the gift [...]

December 11th, 2013|Gratitude|0 Comments

Finding Gratitude

What do you see as you look at the word "THANKFUL"? Do you have visions of happy family gathered 'round a Thanksgiving table or a divided unhappy family? What we see is very often funneled through our history, our outlook and our present circumstances. When that history, outlook and circumstance is rosy and bright, it is not hard to see a Hallmark card vision. However, when times are not so rosy, how is it possible to feel a sense of gratitude and thankfulness? Maybe you are grieving a recent loss or going [...]

November 18th, 2013|Gratitude|0 Comments

What’s Your Pattern? How Do You Tackle Change?

How do you find your way to a new beginning? Change and transition may be an exciting challenge for some, or a fearful journey for ohers. What do you bring of yourself into the process? We all develop our approach to change through the personal lens of who we are and how we integrate life experiences into our emotional core. If you are prone to being either a procrastinator or efficient, organized or disorganized, a realist or a denier, you will apply these traits to how [...]

October 13th, 2013|Knowing Yourself|0 Comments

Stories of Transition, Do You See Yourself?

Are you currently going through a major life change? Perhaps the challenges of your transition seem insurmountable at this moment. You may be feeling lonely and isolated. How can you envision that new beginning when you feel so stuck? Let me introduce you to three women who you might relate to and find inspiration from. Yes, their names are fictitious, but their situations could be your story. Sarah just brought her youngest daughter to college. Graduation, college orientation and a whirlwind of shopping for clothes and [...]

September 16th, 2013|Times of Transition|0 Comments

Enjoying Your Transition – Celebrating Change

My travels this summer took me to a part of the United States that I had never been to before. The Minnesota landscape was quite different from my Connecticut home Driving through miles and miles of farmland with rows upon rows of corn and soybeans was a new experience. The view from afar had a stunning sculptured look. Since returning home, I have found myself remembering my visit and connecting the experience to aspects of the journey through change and transition. You may think this [...]

August 22nd, 2013|Times of Transition|0 Comments

When It Doesn’t Quite Fit Anymore…Finding Your New Fit

When I find myself looking at pictures of my children growing up, besides the happy memories and love that envelops my taking this trip down memory lane, I invariably start to laugh over the outfits that they are dressed in. What was I thinking??? Looking back on the clothing trends of the 1970's always gets to me. None of what I might have considered cute little outfits for my little ones would fit today's children. Things have changed and fashion has changed too...even for toddlers. [...]

July 15th, 2013|Self-Esteem + Identity Issues|0 Comments

Give Yourself A Break! Yes, You Can Take a Transition Time-Out!

In each and every time of transition that I have experienced thus far in my life, I have approached it with an all encompassing focus that didn't allow for much of anything else. Perhaps I was reasoning that if I thought of nothing else but my transition, then I would find my answers easier and sooner. I wouldn't have to wait and work so hard at trying to find answers and comfort in my new state of being. What wishful thinking... Of course the more I ruminated [...]

June 13th, 2013|Times of Transition|0 Comments

Who Am I Now?… Evolving Identity In Transition

Do any of my fellow baby boomers remember the TV show " What's My Line"? The premise was that three panelists would be blindfolded and by asking questions of the celebrity guest, they would have to guess what line of work they were in. I happened to think of this recently as I was talking about my life story and journey to where I am now. Each time I tell that story, I am amazed by it. How has time flown by so quickly? The [...]

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Just recently I was flying home from a visit with family. The flights involved some airport time, sitting and waiting...What does one do with a couple of hours to kill in the airport? For starters, it made me think of how we can feel the slowness of time passing as we wait for our transitional period to take us from where we've been to the next destination. Sometimes I walk up and down through the airport gates getting some much need exercise. I might browse [...]

April 15th, 2013|Knowing Yourself|0 Comments

Change – Making it Your Choice

I haven't met very many people who wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and joyfully embrace change. Leaving one's comfort zone of habit and status quo can be daunting and overwhelming. What makes it even harder is not realizing that no matter what the situation, we all have the choice to change. I will give you an example of my own recent experience with an old and worn pattern. It is my initial response to anything that invites me to step beyond my security and comfort zone. My personal scenario [...]

March 17th, 2013|Knowing Yourself|0 Comments