I’ve had many days, just like Alice in Wonderland, starting out feeling grounded and secure in knowing myself, where I was going and who I was, only to be derailed, sometimes even before I stepped foot out my front door! Questioning our identity and sense of direction is especially challenged when we are in the midst of major life change.
If it is divorce that we are anticipating or going through, suddenly that question of “Who Am I?” is fighting our image of self as a wife and being part of a couple. Divorce reaches beyond the uncoupling from a spouse, to uncoupling from in-laws and friends. “Who Am I Now?” without these familiar contacts.

Empty Nestors are grappling with how they define themselves as a Mom now that their child or children are entering college, adulthood, marriage and their own experience of parenthood. “Who Am I Now?” without my identity of caring for my children? What is this different relationship and how do I connect to it?

In Retirement, we have given up our work identity. “Who Am I Now?” without my job, it’s structure, security and tasks. What will I do? Who will I be? The identity that we have held for years has changed and we wonder what will take it’s place.

Career Transition also presents a big shift from the familiar to the unknown. We might question our choices and wonder why we made this change. If this was not our choice, we question how we will find a new job. “Who Am I Now?” and how will I survive?

The list can go on and on, but the core lies in adjusting our vision to new possibilities. Seeing the journey of our lives like Alice in Wonderland…knowing ourselves at one point, absorbing the changes that come about through the journey and discovering how it changes how we see and know ourselves. How we dig into answering the question of “Who Am I Now?” is the road to finding our best, authentic self at another new stage in life.

I am happy to be offering in the month of June, a group opportunity to explore
“Who Am I Now?”, Finding the Road to Your Best Self. Through discussion, support and experiential exercises, we will explore how to find that road to our best self.

See the information below. Call and register for this group. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Finding the Road to Your Best Self
A 4 week discussion and support group to help you navigate your life transition and discover a more authentic you. Whether you are struggling through divorce, retirement, job transition, empty nest, or more, you can find that road to your best self.
When: Thursdays, June 7, 14, 21, 28 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Where:  Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center
540 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT
Cost:  $139.00 for all 4 sessions
Facilitated by:  Susan L. Levine, MA, LPC
Call: 860-810-3915 or e-mail: susan@womenreshapinglives.com
                            SPACE IS LIMITED – SIGN UP TODAY!