Do any of my fellow baby boomers remember the TV show ” What’s My Line”? The premise was that three panelists would be blindfolded and by asking questions of the celebrity guest, they would have to guess what line of work they were in. I happened to think of this recently as I was talking about my life story and journey to where I am now.

Each time I tell that story, I am amazed by it. How has time flown by so quickly? The real source of my amazement resides in the place of… How did it all happen? I didn’t start out thinkg that I would actually do the things that I have. I never imagined any of it… the good, the painful and the everything in-between.

We all come to junctures in our lives where we may pause to take stock or inventory of where we’ve been so far. When we are traveling through a transition, whether it is divorce, career change, job loss or retirement and aging, there are lots of clues in our history that can be of great value. These clues can put us on the path to where we want to go.

WHO AM I NOW?… is connected to WHO DO I WANT TO BE? Every experience, learning and all of our connections tell a lot about who we have been and who we are now. Our past and our present can be part of that pathway to our future.

What’s MY Line? I’m singer, music teacher, cantor and counselor. I am wife, mother, grandmother, friend. ALL of these things are part of who I’ve been, but also who I am NOW. Having traveled through a number of life transitions that have taken me from there to here, I’ve come to appreiate the journey and what I’ve learned along the way.

I feel more and more comfortable with myself. The SECRET to this knowing is weaving it all together into the colorful quilt that is ME. I can appreciate and celebrate ALL these different parts, because I know they contribute to the whole. I am grateful for the learning that has taken place through my experiences. It has given me the opportunity to CHOOSE what is best for me. I invite you to take a look and do YOUR INVENTORY. Use it to CHOOSE what YOU WANT YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE TO BE.