If you are finding your way through the transitions of divorce, career change or retirement, money issues may be looming very large.

How will I pay the bills, meet the mortgage and support myself?” What will my quality of life be like now?” “I don’t know how I am going to manage.”

Along with these real and practical concerns come an array of emotions that can overwhelm and cloud one’s vision. Are you experiencing the anger, fear, anxiety and stress of not knowing how you will make ends meet?

Childhood messages about money, power, scarcity and abundance may also be exerting their influence.

Money may have been scarce, but your family dealt with it in prudent and practical ways. The money and emotional lessons that were modeled were about gratitude, hard work and making the best of things.

Perhaps the issue of money in your home came with resentments and judgments of others who had more than you. Was money used as a reward when you were good and witholding and punishment when you were bad?

Emotional baggage surrounding money plus current feelings about your transition can deeply affect important decision making.

How can you best take care of yourself and make wise financial decisions when you are stuck in what you are feeling? Good decision making based on your needs is not likely to happen in a state of anger, panic and fear.

All or nothing thinking will not help you either. Support from professionals, practical research and mindfulness of what hurts or helps will go a long way to ground you and help you see possibilities. This is the time for a thoughtful, thorough inner and outer inventory.

Just think of how different your decision making might be with such support, clear thinking, knowing and trusting yourself. It might be just what you need to successfully navigate through money concerns during your life transtion!