Sheila thought she had finally gotten through the worst of it. After losing her job, experiencing the anger, unfairness and fear of being laid off, she did find a new job.

With a HUGE sigh of relief, she began her new position. Transition complete…or maybe NOT.

Anna had ridden the highs of her daughter’s high school graduation and the fun of preparing her for college. The summer had been a close time for mother and daughter, a prelude to LETTING GO.

Anna thought she was doing well with preparing herself for the transition to being an empty nest mom. She felt pretty good about how she had handled the transition. And THEN…

Just when Sheila and Anna thought they had come through their life changes and were ready to settle into that next state of being, they both got blindsided with the  OVERWHELM OF TRANSITION.

After utilizing all of their forces of resilience, focus and determination to make it through, Sheila and Anna became overwhelmed with what had happened.

Sheila became beset with worries that a lay-off could happen again. She was anxious and stressed.

Anna was feeling her daughter’s absence and the quiet in the house much more acutely than in those first weeks of adjusting. She felt sad and lonely.

It was hard to understand WHY this TRANSITION OVERWHELM was happening NOW. Both Sheila and Anna thought that they SHOULD be feeling fine. The change in their lives was DONE, wasn’t it?

Maybe you have felt that way too. The enormity of major change in our lives can sometimes hit us when we least expect and have us wanting to run back to older, more familiar places that feel secure and comfortable.

Sometime we don’t even realize how hard we are working emotionally to be in this new space. Sheila was putting on a positive and cheery outlook as she was learning the ropes of her new workplace.

Anna made herself busy to avoid feeling the loneliness. She was also working hard to give her daughter the space she needed to adjust to college life.

Sheila and Anna came to realize that their OVERWHELM was part of the process of moving through change. They sought support from friends, family and a counselor.

They learned that the OVERWHELM was an alert to let them know that their feelings had not yet caught up to what their logical, rational mind was telling them.

LIFE MOVES ON. By recognizing and working through our feelings, we can begin to understand and find that new grounding.

If you are struggling with this, I can help you find your way.