It wasn’t easy to get myself out the door and walking that morning. My excuses may sound familiar to you.

“I just don’t have time.”

“Others are counting on me for________(fill in the blank).”

“I’m feeling too sad, stressed, anxious, worried and can’t seem to get moving.”

Why has it always been so hard to take care of myself with the same attention, thought and compassion that I show to others? Maybe you are wondering about this too.

The message I received growing up, was that doing for others came first. That familiar airline instruction about putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others was quite foreign and uncomfortable to me.

Does this also sound familiar? Establishing a self care routine is challenging in the smoothest of times. It can be downright daunting when we are experiencing the upsets of change and transition.

Self motivation may be in very short supply if you’ve been struggling with job loss, divorce, retirement or bereavement. Getting outside to take that walk may feel like just too much effort. Pulling the covers over your head might be much more inviting.

You know the health and psychological benefits of exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep, but it just feels too overwhelming and too hard!

What can you do? The very first thing is to summon some kindness and understanding for yourself. Set a supportive goal, one that is easily doable and encouraging to you. Give yourself permission to not be perfect.

I did get myself out the door for that walk. The fresh air, sunshine and beauty of the day energized me and made me smile. It even provided me with the inspiration for this newsletter!

Pushing through my old messages and resistance was really worith it! And just maybe…I will build on the experience of my lovely walk to continue to make taking came of ME a priority.

It won’t be perfect, but it will be a work in progress! You can do it too!