A number of months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Liz Cornish, owner of New Season In Life, Senior and Memory Care Consultants. Our conversation centered around a shared passion for helping people. I talked about my counseling practice, Women Reshaping Lives and my focus on helping women navigate challenging life transitions.

Liz talked about her love for helping seniors and their loved ones navigate the world of assisted living and finding the best fit for making a home within a new community as a senior.

I remembered my own experience years ago trying to find that fit for my mother, who lived out of state, alone, and needed a safer, more supportive community. As a daughter, I found the detective work exhausting, confusing and sometimes frustrating. How I wished I might have been able to talk to Liz and rely on her experience and expertise to guide me and my mother in this life transition.

The move out of one’s home, and oftentimes their community, and state is a daunting and challenging transition. There are so many pieces of this puzzle to be considered:

  • Physical Needs
  • Cognitive Needs
  • Financial Needs
  • Emotional Needs

New Season in Life is a great resource to provide information, guidance and support. Liz brings all of her knowledge, compassion and listening skills to the process. Something Liz and I shared in our conversation months ago, was the importance of being able to truly hear someone’s story and needs. This is the key to finding that best fit in relocating for seniors or in helping someone to learn about themselves in a counseling process.

I want to share information about Liz Cornish and New Season In Life. New Season in Life is a valuable resource on all aspects of senior living. Liz can guide you in Memory Care and Home Care needs as well. Check out her website www.newseasoninlife.com or call Liz at: 860-841-9504.