You may be struggling with making a major life decision and feeling overwhelmed emotionally. Perhaps you are receiving advice from well meaning family and friends and it is leaving you even more confused and stressed. A counselor is a professional trained in skilled listening and therapy techniques that can help you sort out your problems, get to know yourself better and help you find what is best for you.

Through the process of therapy, you can explore whatever patterns and life issues that keep you feeling stuck. Feeling the safety, support and non-judgment of your counselor, you can feel free to get to know and understand yourself better, heal your hurts and vision the direction and dreams you have for yourself.

Imagine what your life might be like if you could come to an understanding of the emotional triggers that hold you back from trying new things, meeting new people and fully engaging in expanding your world. Does even that thought trigger old messages and feelings that overwhelm you or leave you feeling depressed, anxious and lost?

Counseling is not only a problem solving process, but a growth process. The better you get to know and understand how you have been shaped by your experiences and thought processes, the more you empower yourself to make life choices that are affirming. Think of counseling as the coaching and nurturing that will help support and guide you to living more fully and mindfully.