How I Can Help You Face Life Changes

Women Reshaping Lives, LLC offers counseling services to help women face major life transitions related to career, retirement, aging, bereavement, separation, divorce and recovery issues.

“Susan is a dear colleague of many years…she is full of wit, wisdom, artistry and kindness.”—Jeanne C. Folks, D.Min, LPC

With empathy, compassionate listening, a calming presence and practical coaching, I can help you discover new ways to journey successfully through your transition. My passion for helping women find themselves has been born out of my own life experiences in addition to my counseling experience.

Career Transition

I can help you learn to fully recognize and use your unique gifts and characteristics to create a more fulfilling and rewarding career, and learn to balance the demands of work and home successfully. If you are dealing with job loss, I can help you work through feelings of anger, loss, and fear to approach job search more productively. Perhaps your children are now grown and as a new empty nester you may feel lost and searching to define yourself in this new stage of your life.


Your self-identity that has been connected to your work is ending. You may question, “Who am I now?” “What am I going to do with myself?” This new beginning is a time of re-examining who you have been and reshaping your gifts into who you want to be.


Aging remains a constant source of conflict for women in our youth-obsessed culture. I help women learn how to reclaim and discover their sense of self-worth to create authentic and rewarding lives.


Loss is part of living. With support and guidance through the grieving process I can help you come to healing, stepping back into life, finding new meaning, purpose and direction.

Infidelity, Separation and Divorce

Beginning again following separation or divorce is a process of grieving the marriage that was lost. It can be especially painful later in life in “gray divorce” situations. I can help you learn to discover life as a single person, regain your outlook and focus on the possibilities of a new future.

Recovery Issues

The work you have done to bring yourself into recovery is momentous! The community bonds that are forged with 12-Step Programs can be a strong foundation and continuous source of encouragement and support. I can help you create a bridge between your program and your everyday life so you can take the next step to becoming who you want to be.

Take the Next Step

You can learn how to embrace the possibilities and opportunities that reshaping your life has to offer. It may not seem possible to you right now, but you can discover your inner strengths, rebuild your self-esteem and affirm your own true self-worth and identity.

You’ll learn to understand and deal with the often overwhelming emotions you are facing, like isolation, guilt, shame, blame, doubt, fear and anger. With recognition, understanding and forgiveness, you will be able to take your next step…and then the next.

You can take a different path, a path that reveals your very core with understanding, value and honor. This journey can take you to where your heart wants to go.

Do You Want to See Where Your Path Can Take You?

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