I haven’t met very many people who wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and joyfully embrace change. Leaving one’s comfort zone of habit and status quo can be daunting and overwhelming. What makes it even harder is not realizing that no matter what the situation, we all have the choice to change.

I will give you an example of my own recent experience with an old and worn pattern. It is my initial response to anything that invites me to step beyond my security and comfort zone. My personal scenario goes like this: first comes the request. I get caught up in it. I feel my excitement, intrigue and enthusiasm.

YES! immediately springs from my lips. Sound good so far? Oh, if I could only stay with that initial energetic YES… But as soon as the word is out of my mouth, worry and anxiety take over. Can I REALLY do this? There it is, that persistent, nagging self-doubt.

I went through this very process just recently when I was a guest on the local access TV show, Simsbury Woman. As I began to prepare for the interview about Women in Transition, the thrill faded into worry. Self-doubt kicked in. This time however, I took my self-awareness to a new level of reframing and changing my self-talk.

chose to change a long-standing pattern. It wasn’t perfect or fool-proof, but it did give me the opportunity to better enjoy the TV taping, even with being a little nervous. It allowed me to feel good about it instead of disappointed in myself.

Do you have habits or patterns that keep you from being able to embrace new ideas, experiences or transitions? The choice is yours in how you approach that new something in your life. Reframe and Refocus. See what happens.