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Caregiving: Guilt & Duty

On Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 6:30 PM via Zoom Women Reshaping Lives, Counseling Practice of Susan L. Levine and Liz Cornish, Owner of New Season in Life, Senior & Memory Care Consultants will present: Caregiving: Guilt & Duty, It's Complicated Isn't It Join us for a virtual discussion on the guilt and duty of caregiving To register send email to:

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Caregiving: Guilt & Duty

On Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 6:30PM via Zoom Join Liz Cornish of New Season In Life, Senior & Memory Care Consultants and Women Reshaping Lives, Counseling Practice of Susan L. Levine as we discuss Caregiving: Guilt & Duty, It's Complicated Isn't It To register send email to: This month marks nineteen years since I lost my mother to Alzheimer's. My memories of that long goodbye are filled with touching, loving moments and sad, guilt ridden times. I had never thought about being a [...]

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A Time of Transition

I've always thought of August as a month of transition, from summer to fall, vacation to back to school, lush greenery to autumn red and yellow. I am feeling the turning. My remaining summer days don't feel as carefree because autumn is coming. All this anticipation of what's to come has created a barrier to my being able to enjoy the moment. How does this translate to how we transition in our lives from career to retirement, marriage to divorce, youth to old age...the changes [...]

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Reflections on Mental Health Awareness

Our calendar is filled with dates of remembrance, those that are personal, those that are historical and those that focus on healthcare concerns. May was Mental Health Awareness Month. I may have missed my May deadline to talk about Mental Health Awareness, but I also believe that Mental Health Awareness is a 12 month, 365 day self-care practice. That may sound quite daunting... But don't worry, I will be outlining some basics for you. My hope is that this will plant the seed for you [...]

Announcing Expanded Hours

Are you finding it difficult to schedule appointments now that you are back in the office? Do you struggle with balancing your self-care needs and work obligations? Women Reshaping Lives, Counseling Practice of Susan L. Levine is excited to announce that we are adding in-person Saturday morning appointment times to help clients who may be unable to come during the work week. There are limited spots available Saturday morning from 9:00am - 1:00pm. These sessions will be held in our Simsbury office. In other news, [...]

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Feeling Stuck?

I have been talking to myself about writing a new blog for months now. Somehow it was never the right time or the right inspiration. I was swept up in wishing I could go back to my pre-pandemic life, the one I felt so safe and comfortable with. Are you experiencing that feeling of inertia too? As in all transitions, the space between what was, what is and what will be, presents us with an emotional rollercoaster. How often I have heard people talking about [...]

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New Season In Life

A number of months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Liz Cornish, owner of New Season In Life, Senior and Memory Care Consultants. Our conversation centered around a shared passion for helping people. I talked about my counseling practice, Women Reshaping Lives and my focus on helping women navigate challenging life transitions. Liz talked about her love for helping seniors and their loved ones navigate the world of assisted living and finding the best fit for making a home within a new [...]

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Chamber Chat Ten at 10

Recently I sat down with Lisa Bohman, Executive Director of the Avon Chamber of Commerce. We talked about the history Women Reshaping Lives and the support I offer to women going through major life transitions. I told Lisa what I am doing now to help women through the stress, anxiety and isolation of the pandemic. I offer a choice of in-person or virtual sessions and I am currently facilitating the Lunch Bunch, A Covid Reaction Support Group via Zoom. I hope you enjoy the video! [...]

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Lunch Bunch, A COVID Reaction Support Group

As the pandemic continues with no end in sight, are you finding that: You have trouble remembering what day of the week it is? You have a really short fuse these days? You are feeling stressed, anxious and isolated? You are wondering what your holidays will look like this year? You feel you really need a place to commiserate and connect with others? The Lunch Bunch, A COVID Reaction Support Group, is being formed to provide you with just the space and support you need! [...]

Telemental Health Counseling

  Now offering a variety of HIPPA compliant Telemental Health alternatives in addition to our in-person sessions. Are you choosing to venture out now that we are in a different phase of the pandemic? Do you find yourself in a quandary, weighing your desire to recapture the freedom of going out as you used to, against continuing fears about your safety? What do you feel comfortable trying? If you are struggling with life transition issues and difficult decisions, self-esteem issues, or suffering from [...]