1280652084.pngA Gift For You
A simple box with a big red bow sat on the dresser. I wondered what was in it and who it was for, but for the longest time I was just too shy to ask. Final curiousity got the better of me. Hesitantly, I posed the question. My friend took down the box and gently opened it.
Inside, nestled on a bed of crinkled pink tissue paper was a small note. It read: ” The most precious of gifts is the gift of time, love and caring. May they always be yours.”
The gifts she gave herself were not big or expensive or anything material. On a bright, sunny day, her gift was taking a lovely walk. If it was a rainy, cold day, a warming and soothing cup of tea was just right. Sometimes it was calling a friend or curling up in a favorite chair to read a book.
Whatever her daily gift turned out to be, it was always a gift of time, love and caring.
Are you hurting from the pain of a loss? Maybe you are frightened about the prospect of some major change in your life? What is the gift of time, love and caring that could comfort and support you on your journey?
Mary is in the midst of planning for her retirement. She worries about how she will now define herself without her career. How will she manage financially? Her doubts and fears play in a continuous loop of disparaging self-talk in her head.
Barbara is a new single mom struggling to take care of her precious 2 month old daughter. Between sleepless nights, long days at work and worrying about how she will be able to do it all and be the best mom she can be, she is overwhelmed and in a constant state of anxiety.
Her divorce was just finalized a month ago. Carol is reeling from the turbulence of emotions swirling in her. Anger, betrayal, grief and self-doubt. How could this happen? What will she do now?
The gift of time, love and caring is just what Mary, Barbara, and Carol so desperately need. Just a few moments every day of nurturing themselves and reminding them of their self worth. This is the gift we can ALL give ourselves. What gift will you give yourself today?