Traveling through life transitions is a time to consider what we will need to pack for our journey. With thoughts of summer sun and fun on my mind, here are 5 things that will come in very handy for life changes that we are going through.

iPad or Computer
Taking our digital devices along for work or play has become a norm. In observing my fellow plane passengers on any given trip, people are likely to be plugged in and glued to a screen.

How do I connect this to something helpful to pack during times of transition? We’ve come to know our electronics as a valuable source of information. There is plenty of research to be done when we are going through times of change!

Good detective work is needed to discover information and clues to who we are, where we are in our lives and what direction we want to point ourselves toward.

If we are traveling towards retirement, our outer research involves gathering information about our financial resources and what kind of lifestyle will fit with the amount of money we have. Investigating our inner resources brings us to a world of putting together what we know about ourselves to this point in our life journey. What are our traits, interests and values? How do we reshape these pieces of information into finding a new sense of wholeness and authenticity outside of a work identity.

2. Sunscreen
In the summertime if we are headed off to the beach, taking along that sunscreen is an important item for good self care. Just as we know now how damaging those warm rays of sun can be for us, especially over time, how we take care of ourselves in transition is akin to making sure we have that bottle of sunscreen. Inside the bottle is healthy eating, adequate sleep, regular exercise and the support of friends.

If we are going through a painful divorce, we may put the priority of our own self care at the bottom of our list, thinking we’ll get to it later… But then there is always one more thing to put someone or something else first, leading us to feel lonelier, sadder and more immobilized.

3. Favorite Pillow
I see many travelers, not just children, bringing along their favorite pillow, knowing that it will be an important sleep aid once they reach their destination. In transition, our favorite pillow is what gives us comfort and support when times are tough.

A caring friend to be with, favorite music to lift our spirits or a beloved pet can soothe and console us. If you have lost a loved one, you may remember a special someone who was there for you in your time of grief. A favorite pillow is unique, made to fit just you, through all your senses and memories. Don’t forget to pack it when you are journeying through change.

4. Bug Spray
If you hike or camp out, you know how important it is to protect yourself from the variety of bugs that may also be inhabiting your trails or campground. Just as we will have our sunscreen for self care, we will also need our bug spray to keep away self-defeating messages, anxieties, fears and “what ifs” of portending disaster.

In facing job loss, we need a strong and effective bug spray to keep our anxieties, fears and self-defeating messages from derailing job search and those hope and dreams for a better future.



5. Camera
Taking pictures on vacation can be such fun! The pictures that we snap have much to remind us about where we have been and what we have experienced.

With close ups, we may notice the little things that we never saw before. A close up of a marriage might reveal cracks that were there long before a husband’s infidelity.

A panoramic shot gives us a view of breath, width and distance. Looking back on one’s life through a panoramic shot can provide a picture of the depth of our experience. This perspective shows us the richness of our living. Seeing what we have learned will help us bring our self knowing into whatever that next transition will be.

The basic shot shows what we see through the camera lens in the moment . In that second, what do we see…clouds or sunshine, smiles or tears?

Our camera gives us valuable perspective in the shots we capture. Close-ups, panoramic views or a basic shot of the same subject provides information from far, near or normal distance. Each has perspective for us reframe and refocus within our life situation.

When we pack for our vacation, we may make lists to carefully plan for what we will need. Packing wisely for whatever life change is on the horizon is equally important.This summer, don’t forget to pack these 5 items for your journey through transition. You’ll be glad you did! I’d love to hear about your experience.
Wishing you Safe Travels!

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