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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Vulnerability…Do You Dare?

Somewhere along the road of our life journeys we must face feeling vulnerable...that uncomfortable exposure that feels like we are suddenly walking an emotional tightrope without any safety net. We can choose a safe haven of denial and hiding or risk exposing our true selves in a search for love, connection, creativity, authenticity and fulfillment. This month I began my own exploration into vulnerability by deciding to sign up for an on-line course taught by shame researcher and author Brene Brown. This learning and feeling experience [...]

Women and Money

Q&A with Susan Levine about women and money—by Nancy Fellinger The transition to retirement for some is so stressful that they become almost paralyzed with fear. It’s important to address those fears and work through them because being in such a state can often lead to hasty or poor decisions, especially around investments. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a project with Susan Levine, MA, LPC, and so enjoyed the experience that I asked her to join me this month to lend her [...]

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