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It is a time like no other. The pandemic now adds additional life challenges and hurdles to overcome amid persistent feelings of anxiety, isolation and fear of the unknown. It is more important than ever to have someone to talk to. Women Reshaping Lives now provides that caring, steady presence via Telemental Health. In the safety and comfort of your own home we can meet via HIPPA compliant video or phone sessions. Choose what fits best for you, in-person or distance therapy.

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“Susan Levine is a caring and skilled therapist”—Jennifer Jondreau Thompson

Women Reshaping Lives, LLC is a counseling practice dedicated to helping women face major life transitions related to career, retirement, aging, bereavement, separation, divorce and recovery issues.

Every stage of our lives holds surprises, challenges and joys. New beginnings return again and again. We can feel very anxious and stressed during these periods. With a calm, caring and steady presence, I provide a place of support for healing and self-discovery for women in transition.

We will meet these life changes together by nurturing and cultivating your spirit of resiliency. Women Reshaping Lives, LLC has helped women just like you struggling with these life circumstances.

“I am trying to adjust to losing my job. My life is changing and I don’t know how to get myself through this difficult time of transition.”
“After all these years I am no longer part of a ‘couple’. How can that be? I am hurt and confused. I need support in this period of beginning again after divorce.”
“Every day I wake up to the struggle of making this new day substance free. I know it’s ‘one day at a time’ and I am doing it, but what else do I want my life to be?”
“Where did all those years go? I can’t believe it is now time for me to retire. Who will I be without my ‘work identity’? What will fill my life now?”

You can consciously learn how to move those roadblocks out of your way. Such self-discovery can help you reshape and celebrate who you want to authentically and joyfully be.

Move Beyond Pain, Fear and Uncertainty

Life transitions—especially unexpected ones—can leave us feeling hurt, lonely, frustrated and powerless. All major life transitions share the same threads of grieving, letting go, fear of the unknown, and change. They tap all of our internal and external resources. You may try to do things differently, but keep returning to familiar ways and longstanding internal messages that don’t work.

Women Reshaping Lives, LLC has helped women learn to recognize their patterns of self-doubt and use new tools to create effective strategies for moving on, growing as a person and creating a happier and more fulfilling life.

Can You Imagine a More Fulfilling Life for Yourself?

To learn more about how I can help you, contact me at 860-810-3915 or email me at .